Chat Rules and Policies

  1. This chatroom consists of members with various backgrounds and personalities. There will be different ideas and opinions expressed in the chat, and it is not the moderator's responsibility to regulate which topics are discussed, assuming those topics comply with these Rules and Policies.

  2. Topics that may NOT be discussed in this chat include content that is illegal in the United States, adult-only, profane, intentionally provoking, or otherwise offensive to a casual and typical person. Whether or not a topic falls into one of these categories may be made at the discretion of a moderator, in compliance with the Moderator Rules and Policies.

  3. Members may not post links, codes, or other direct marketing material inside the chat. However, members may discuss products and services, including their own, as part of the conversation with other members.

  4. Members will often have contrasting views and opinions. Contrasting opinions may be expressed in the chat, and other members should respect the right for those opinions to be discussed. However, a member should only express opinions that are related to the discussion among the other members. A member may not disrupt an ongoing conversation to state an off-topic opinion.

  5. A member may not ask others (such as friends or a mailing list) to enter the chat with the intent of disrupting or changing the conversation.

  6. Although contrasting opinions can be discussed and debated, members may not personally attack or insult other members in the chat. Negative comments and accusations may not be posted regarding another person, regardless of if that person is a member of this chat. A personal conflict with another person must be handled outside of the chat system.

  7. If a member feels that another member is in violation of these Rules and Policies, they should be reported to a moderator using the “Report Abuse” link.